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Probably every producer, singer and songwriter’s dream to meet the legend that is Quincy Jones; to get to co-produce an event with the man himself….wow, this was a mind blowing experience!

I was one of the co-producers of ‘’An Evening with Quincy Jones’’, alongside Rocco Buonvino Productions, event held in London on 28th September 2014 at the famous and intimate 400 seats Britten TheatreRoyal College of Music. A project not many would have dared to take on due to dangerously time constrains: less than a month to book, stage and sell an event.  But when a name like Mr Jones becomes available, it is difficult to say no, you just seize the opportunity and make it happen!

The event was initially scheduled as an on-stage interview with Quincy, followed by a Q&A session with the audience, but we all decided that we need something more spectacular to match the legend we have the unbelievable luck to work with.  So a band was booked alongside ten artists to provide the pre-entertainment. (more…)

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